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Looper Movie or Shifters Book?

I am beginning to think that James and I are psychic, because several of the events we thought up in the Crisis Trilogy actually came to pass. Eerie. But again, there is nothing new under the sun when writing a fiction novel (or in our case, a movie book); just new ways of retelling old stories. So, it was of no surprise to us when we finished our latest book, Shifters, that we learned a similar movie would grace the big screen. We've recently heard about Looper, the sci-fi joint with Bruce Willis that features time traveling assassins. At first I was irritated, wishing we'd chosen another route or released the book a year ago. But, now I embrace it. What greater honor that to tie your own book into a new movie that features the immortal Bruce Willis, who is by far one of my favorite actors.

Still, I had to know more about the movie, so I read the synopsis. I had to laugh when I discovered that the assassins come from 2077, which is the same year as the final cataclysm in the 711 universe, which is mentioned in Jami Lynn Saunders' Werecat Saga, as well as the TV book series, Phoenix Earth, and of course, it will be mentioned next year in Shifters II. 

So, is it psychic ability or just crazy coincidence? Regardless, I am sure you'll love the movie, Looper. But, I'm even more sure you'll triple love our new book Shifters, because not only does it have time traveling assassins, but it also reveals the "true" history of Atlantis and the building of the pyramids. Now that's sci-fi for you!