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Methods of Mayhem

Season One of Mafiosi is wrapping up with only three episodes left! Episode eleven is all-out anarchy as the five heads of the New York families vote in favor of ending Vincenzo and Paul's death threats by exterminating the Detroit mob's hitmen, which will send a message that Detroit is treading on thin ice. More mayhem than a Scarface movie ensues as blood spills, ending with Don Giuseppe making a decision that's never been made before—turning Paul and Vincenzo into made men well before their time. But there's a catch—to be a made man requires that Vincenzo take down the head of the Detroit crime family, Don Ottati. Considering he's never taken a life, this may prove the toughest challenge of all. . . .


711 Press launches second 'TV Book' series,  "Mafiosi"

Mafiosi, the second TV Book series from 711Press.com has finally arrived. This TV book series lets you see into the violent world of the mafia through the eyes of a young Italian upstart. If you love the Godfather, Sopranos, and Mafia War games, this 13-book series is for you! New episodes every Monday, with the first episode of Season One released 10/03/2010. Don't just play a mafia game, live it through the pages of "Mafiosi". Each episode can be read in 30 minutes or less, just like playing a quick game of Mafia Wars...Learn more about this exciting new TV Book series HERE.