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Kindle Fire Sold Out, Amazon Says

Nine months after its introduction, Amazon announces that Kindle Fire has sold out, which means they're probably not making any more of the current model. They also claim that in that relative short time the Kindle Fire managed to take a bite of 22% of the tablet market, which, if true, is quite a stellar performance. Some believe that figure is just over 6 million units but Amazon has never released an actual figure. In just one week from now, Amazon is hosting a media event where they're expected to announce the next generation Kindle Fire, which promises to be a vast improvement over its predecessor. But competition is stiff, thanks to Google's successful Nexus 7 launch, and Apple's threatened iPad Mini that's right around the corner (some industry insiders think it will launch in November).

This is all very interesting, but what it all boils down to is that eBooks are taking off, and the entire industry is trending toward the digital side. This is good news for some, bad news for others, but it's the wave of the future. Samsung, meanwhile, recently lost a major court battle against Apple and was ordered to pony up over $1 billion to the company due to patent infringement, seeing its smartphone and tablet devices mimic many of Apple's iPhone and iPad functions. This makes way for Microsoft and other companies to squeeze into the mix and over up new platforms like Windows 8, which seems promising.

We'll see what happens.