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Give Me Stories That Aren’t Bogged Down

I read a lot of feedback dished out in reviews for popular book series and sagas of the day; series and sagas written by big name authors, and put out by large, far-reaching publishers with deep pockets. What I tend to see time and again are complaints that are pretty much summed up in one reviewer’s title: “Good writing, but little forward momentum.” What this means is that, after spending ten years reading a series written by a big name author who takes years to produce one book, when said book comes out (which just happens to fall somewhere in the middle of a planned series), the reader fails to add checkmarks to their list of plot resolutions, character arcs, or basic movement in the overall storyline. Why? Because these big name authors are dragging out the story on purpose at the behest of greedy publishers. They essentially milk their saga for all its worth for the sake of making more boatloads of $$$.

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YA TV Book Order of 5ive is Top Rated

711 Press's new YA TV Book series, Order of 5ive, lands at #28 on Amazon's Top Rated list for Children's Action and Adventure Literature (click here). Thanks to all our loyal fans for the kind support!


Order of 5IVE continues with Episode II live on Kindle and Nook

We are well on our way to a new era in book releases, as our first "TV in book form" program, Order of 5IVE moves into the second week of its release. The second episode of Order of 5IVE is now live on Kindle and Nook. The second part of the pilot unfolds as we learn more about each teen in the Order, discovering each teen's personalities and powers. This 'bookisode' (book+episode) picks up where bookisode I left off and we get to see the Order in action as the teens make their way through New York, investigating a series of fires and explosions. The leader of the Order, King, expects it could be the work of his arch nemesis. Is he right? I won't spoil it for you, but let me say that you won't be let down. This episode gets even deeper into the story that is Order of 5IVE. But don't take my word for it, check it out HERE to learn more and start collecting your own copies today!


Order of 5ive: Season 1 Episode 1

While the official launch of the first episode of Order of 5ive is tomorrow, Monday, June 13th, anticipation is already building for this new, dynamic YA series. Select fans will be able to read it for free by contacting my publishing partner Jaime Vendera via his Facebook page (click here).

In short, the Order of 5ive is a unique offering, comprising fast-paced and exciting episodes built around an elite government-backed group of teens with special abilities, which they use to fight against an assortment of enemies, monsters, and unexplained phenomena. Aimed at Young adults, the series will also appeal to older readers, particularly the young at heart.

New episodes will be released every Monday, leading up to a two-part season finale that will arrive August 29th.

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