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ValoBox Launches Pay-As-You-Go eBook Reading Experience

What if you could read an eBook online in portions or sections, and only pay for what you need. If you're a college student, let's say, and you need four sections of a 12-section book for your current course, then the idea of spending a fraction of the full price of a textbook simply to access the sections you actually need might make perfect sense. Well a company in the UK is testing that very concept with an innovative online service that a few publishers, such as O'Reilly Media and Guardian Books have already signed on for. TechCruch had this to say:

Persuading publishers to make their eBooks available to read over the Web is probably quite a big ask. Persuading them to sell those eBooks on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis, enabling readers to purchase specific pages or chapters of a book only — well, that’s just crazy talk. Not so crazy, it seems, that one UK startup is taking a stab: ValoBox launches its on-demand browser-based eBook service today, with publishers O’Reilly Media, Profile Books, Guardian Books, Constable & Robinson, and Snowbooks, signed on at debut.

Founded by Anna Lewis and Oliver Brooks, who are also the team behind the online book publishing service, CompletelyNovel.com, ValoBox’s pay-as-you-go model sets out to solve the problem of “how to get hold of expert content when you’re short on time and money”.