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More History on the Temple From Crisis Artifact...

Ah, another golden question. Many want to know more about the mysical black pyramid from The Crisis Trilogy. How did the Ancients know how to build it? Where did it truly originate? Was it on Earth? Are there any more? Well, with all 711 Press titles, be it TV books or movie books, key aspects of stories are subject to reappear here and there from time to time. And concerning the temple, you haven't seen the last of it. Being a 711 Press author allows me access to stories way in advance of release and I'm able to be a part of the creative process where other authors are concerned. So I can assure you, the temple will reappear right around the corner. As for which TV or movie book it will make its appearance in, that I will not reveal, you'll just have to buy them all to find out, haha. However, once you find it, a little more light will be shed on the true purpose of the temple and whether or not it originated when Caesar Guevara saw it in The Catastrophe Scroll, or in another eon. We'll also learn whether the amazing temple of Peru is the only one in existence, as it could be one of thousands ;)

Look for clues in one of our current releases.