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Phoenix Earth Finale

And so the climactic end to Phoenix Earth Season One is here, and it won't leave you disappointed.

An inevitable full force attack by both the Malakarans and a race known as the Zyntoque’r’eh (alien planet eaters) is only days away as Earth's new inhabitants prepare to face the toughest challenge of their lives. Their key to survival lies in an ancient weapon found in an abandoned moon base, but, unfortunately, the weapon has apparently never worked. Tensions mount when the surviving Maluans, humans, and Ascendants learn that the attack will come sooner than expected. Can the united races discover the keys to the mysterious pyramids on the Earth and moon, unlock the secrets to using the ancient weapon and prepare their people to face their attackers before their end is upon them? Find out in Phoenix Earth Episode Thirteen, which you can purchase here.



I am sooooo excited to see the new movie, Prometheus. I've long believed they needed a beginning to Ridley Scott's Alien series. I am such a fan of the entire franchise and I even liked the Alien versus Predator movies, though I was worried they'd be corny like Feddy versus Jason. Surprisingly, they made sense. But, now my yearning for answers to the origins of the Alien species is about to become reality. It only makes me want to write a horror story based in space. Maybe someday, but right now the galaxy belongs to our 711 authors, Ronald Coleborn and Melvyn Riley, who are just finishing up the Phoenix Earth season one tv book series. Maybe we'll all eventually co-author a space horror trilogy similar to Alien, Event Horizon and Pandorum. I'm game ;) They can write the space adventure, and I'll pepper it with my sick and twisted tales, haha.

Dru out.