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Order of 5ive: Season Two: Episode Twelve: Rogue Part II

After a hair-thin escape from the Bunker, Clubs reveals the truth of the shadow government experiments going on a mile below the Nevada desert. When King, Queen, Agent Morris, and Riker come together with both the East and West coast Order to review the pictures Clubs retrieved from the Bunker, the full scope of Senator Aldridge's diabolical plans are confirmed. The only recourse is for King and the East Coast team to go rogue, leaving Morris and the West Coast order on the inside. One way or another, King plans to end the horrific experimentation being conducted on children within the Bunker in order for Aldridge to create the perfect soldier.

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Order of 5ive Season Two: Episode Eight: Boot Camp

With the East Coast Order team on vacation, King heads to LA to put the West Coast Order through boot camp. However, only two days into training, Senator Aldridge calls on King and his teens to handle a terrorist situation on the East Coast. When King refuses, claiming his kids aren't ready, Aldridge forces his hand due to one of the terrorists being a hypernatural. Left to face the biggest challenge of their careers, the new 5ive ban together in an attempt to thwart the terrorists, with or without the proper training.

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Order of 5ive: Season Two: Episode Seven: Furlough

Distraught over the fact that his own team disboeyed his command to reject Riker's vaccine, King begins to regain control in his own way. First rule of order: put the East Coast 5ive on furlough. The five accept and set off to different parts of the word—Heart to China, Ace to LA, Joker off to see his autistic brother, and Jack and Diamond off on a secret lovers' getaway to an Indian reservation. What they don't know is that King is busy planning; planning to usurp Presidential candidate Senator Aldridge's control of the Order.

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Order of 5ive Season Two: Episode Six: Losing Strength

When King flies to LA to turn over the West Coast Order to Agent Morris, they both discuss an unusual case that involves unique hypernatural energy signatures found within members of a traveling fair. However, their efforts to pursue the matter are impeded by Senator Aldridge. Deciding to take matters into his own hands, King sends Ace, Diamond, Heart, Jack, and Joker undercover to discover the reason for the energy signatures. Unfortunately, an encounter at the traveling fair results in Diamond losing her super strength, possibly permanently. Desperate, Diamond turns to Riker for a possible cure which would reverse the suppressive vaccine the Order was given in childhood, thus returning her powers. When King orders Diamond to stay away from Riker, the 5ive and Queen have second thoughts about their own abilities and opt to go against King's wishes, regardless of any side effects or consequences they would face once King learns the truth.

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Order of 5ive Season Two: Episode Two: Spores

The East and West Coast Order teams slowly bond through training, while King, who is not happy with the Order being turned into another government run agency, reorganizes his office to match the layout of their previous underground layer. Meanwhile, Joker meets his replacement after being assigned to the field. The young woman, named Kelly Doyle, is as beautiful as she is intelligent, and Joker is instantly smitten, despite their age difference. However, he is whisked away from his instant crush to a healing session with Heart, after which tiny puffs of pink fuzz appear on potted yellow flowers in the healing room. Little does Heart, or anyone in the Order realize that their facility has been infected by spores and will soon be overrun. In a matter of hours, the spores threaten to infect everything and everyone, and eventually spread to the city. Discovering how to eradicate the spores proves as hard as figuring out who infiltrated their highly guarded building and planted them in the first place. A race to stop the spreading unfolds and the solution, if it works, comes from an unlikely sourcethe West Coast.

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My New Series is Coming Along Nicely

Just to keep everyone in the loop, I've decided to grace 711 Press with a brand new adventure, which will be unveiled next year (still can't get over the long wait myself, trust me). But it will be a whopper of a story. I'm all about mystery and detecting so that will figure into my series. Yes I said series, folks. No one-offs for the kid. This series, however, will be a departure from the Kevin Bailey book A Dirty Business, a series which is now on hiatus thanks to the new deal I signed with 711 Press a few months back. Things are looking up and I'm excited to be writing within their universe, since all of the Movie and TV Books exist there. Avid 711 readers must know this by now, however.

At any rate, look for the bizarre and downright mysterious, as I plan on delving into uncharted territory with this one. We're talking voodoo, hexes, psychic abilities, government conspiracies and cover-ups (hey, it wouldn't be a 711 Press product without 'em) and much, much more. I believe I've created a strong, mystrious protagonist with a dark past that should intrigue new readers and longtime fans alike for years to come.

Keep you posted.