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Order of 5ive Season Two: Episode Four: Bugged

During a meditation session, Joker's ESP kicks in and he uncovers the thoughts of supposed spies in their camp. After bringing the news to King's attention they soon devise a plan to corner the culprits with the aid of a vaccine he whips up, which he claims is "needed" to prepare them for their latest creature extraction—a group of mutated spiders. However, the guilty parties are clueless to the fact that the vaccine will not only bug them, allowing the East Coast team to listen in on private conversations, but it will also weaken their powers, leaving them vulnerable to capture. In the end, the spies are weeded out, after false information is fed to the West Coast team, who in turn pass it on to Senator Aldridge. Now that the cat is out of the bag, King decides to keep their newfound knowledge to themselves, using it to their advantage to see what else Senator Aldridge may have in store for the Order.

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Is the Honey Island Swamp Monster Real???

I know this may sound odd, but one of my fondest childhood memories is watching a television special on Big Foot back in the seventies. I lived in Alabama at the time and remember coming in from playing in a big open field with my friend Derek. Mom marched me off for a quick bath, then I plopped down in front of the tube with my step dad Rodney. He just smiled at me. In retrospect, I think it was because he  knew of my passion for monsters of all kinds. I sat entranced by the show, frozen like a stone statue, gripped by the pictures of the ape-like man walking across the field. "Could it be? A creature lives?"

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