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First Chapter of Knight's Valor Now Live

Feel free to read the first chapter of the first chronicle of my new Legends of the Dread Realm series. The chapter is available here. The first book in the series, Knight's Valor, was fully released to the public today, Friday, August 31st.

Enjoy, dear readers, and if you decide to purchase the full movie book, my pockets will thank you all the more.


Moment of Death Ready for Primetime

Just got back my latest Movie Book Moment of Death from my publisher, 711 Press, who just got it back from the editor. Read it! LOVED it! And I approve!!! What a thrilling ending to the Moment of Death saga that has been swimming around in my head for so long. I wanna thank Jaime Vendera and Daniel Middleton also for spearheading this mammoth project and shepherding me along the way, while adding wonderful touches that brought it to life. The series wouldn't have been what it is without your help. And Rich Dalgish, my editor, did a bang up job shoring up what I wrote and strenghtening the narrative. I'm so pleased. They've also posted the first chapter, which you can read for yourself here: Moment of Death Chapter.

Happy reading all! Don't forget, the book hits stands (virtual and otherwise) on Friday the 24th. So help support a girl!