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Death Becomes Him

Now, I know what you're thinking. By the title, you're assuming Vincenzo bit the bullet. But I assure you, our young mafioso is still alive and kicking. But in this episode, Vinnie learns that death is a numbing fact of the mafia life, and he soon takes to it like a fish to water.

Vinnie has been ordered by the family to knock off his first enemy for many reasons. One, to send a message to the Detroit mob. Essentially when you mess with New York, you mess with death. Two, the only way to become a made man is by making your bones. That means you have to do an authorized hit. If you're a fan of Mafiosi, you might have picked up on the fact that Vincenzo has been climbing the ladder on his brains, not brawn, and though the thought of taking out a major crime boss has his stomach in knots, he knows it's the only way to make it in this family...and to stay alive. For all you Sopranos, Scarface, and Godfather fans, Don Paranzano says this one is for you!


Methods of Mayhem

Season One of Mafiosi is wrapping up with only three episodes left! Episode eleven is all-out anarchy as the five heads of the New York families vote in favor of ending Vincenzo and Paul's death threats by exterminating the Detroit mob's hitmen, which will send a message that Detroit is treading on thin ice. More mayhem than a Scarface movie ensues as blood spills, ending with Don Giuseppe making a decision that's never been made before—turning Paul and Vincenzo into made men well before their time. But there's a catch—to be a made man requires that Vincenzo take down the head of the Detroit crime family, Don Ottati. Considering he's never taken a life, this may prove the toughest challenge of all. . . .


Retribution Breeds Retribution

In Mafiosi Season One, Episode Ten, things take a drastic twist when a group of Detroit mobsters invade Vincenzo's new New York club to confront Carlo, Vincenzo and Paul over the deaths of the club's previous owner. Seems you never know who is related to who and you better watch your back when you join the family, because death is always an inevitable possibility. After threats have been passed, followed by an all out gun battle that leaves both sides unscathed, Carlo takes matters to the top with a visit to the don himself, which turns nasty after a call to Detroit. In the end, there's only one thing left to do: send Detroit a message they won't soon forget.... When you attempt to retaliate on the New York mob, you better get ready for more of the same. Learn how it all unfolds in this exciting episode.


Carlito's Way or Vincenzo's Way?

In Mafiosi Season one, episode eight, the Forbidden Playground sees a great first opening night, bringing in a wad of cash from the overflowing amount of liquor sold, not to mention the illegal gambling. In fact the take is so large, Vincenzo could swim in it. And it wouldn't have come together if the young mafioso didn't have the luck of the Irish. However, things are not as kosher as they may seem. Antoinette's girls went home near penniless, after meeting reluctance from their high-profile clients who've refused to pay for the services rendered from Antoinette's stable of high-class call girls. The kink in their operation leaves Antoinette distraught, but Vincenzo assures her, he will get his way in the end. Looks like it's time for some blackmail....

Check out the entire first season at the official Mafiosi page.


What Happens When Scarface Meets Showgirls?

Mafiosi Season 1, Episode 7: Groundwork is what. In this week's episode, Vincenzo and Paul are forced to come to terms with Tony Gallo over the planned gentleman's club. Meanwhile, Vincenzo sets things in motion by enlisting Denise's help, and Vin comes face to face with Antoinette again as he prepares to launch his high class strip-club/call girl service. Will the pieces all fall into place or will Antoinette have to fly back to Europe, a failed madam?

Whether you love crime dramas like the Sopranos, Casino, Scarface, or are a fan of Mafia Wars 2, Mafiosi is your ticket to living the life of a fast-rising gangster through the written word, textured in such a way that the words jump off the pages, casting vivid imagery. It's just like watching a TV show or movie. Get your gangster on at the official Mafiosi page.




The Sopranos Are Gone But Mafiosi is Here!

Wow, we cannot believe that the sixth episode of Mafiosi is already out. The first season of this thrillig mafia drama is nearly half-way finished. For all of you mafia fans, players of Mafia Wars 2, piners for more Sopranos, and lovers of movies like The Godfather, Bugsy, Carlito's Way, Donnie Brascoe, Casino, Goodfellas, The Untouchables, and Scarface, Mafiosi has what you crave. This exciting TV Book series features a world filled with crime, passion, love, war, deception, and intrigue, and it follows the life of one young man as he charts an impressive rise to the top of the mafia ranks.

You can get episode #1 free for Kindle, Nook, and Google eBooks. Check out our official Mafiosi page here to learn more about episode 1 - 6, and live the adventure through the eyes of Vincenzo Abruzzi as he strives to become a mafia crime lord.