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Any Good Fiction Books on the Dark Ages?

I'm looking for a good fiction read that takes place during the Dark Ages. Considering Amazon Kindle is loaded with fiction offerings, you think it would be easy to find what I am looking for. Knowing our writing style, I'd prefer a little magic spun into the tales, and it could even involve arcaeologists during that period discovering ancient ruins, pyramids, etc.  

If anyone can suggest some great authors who cover this time period, I'd appreciate it. As a token of my appreciation, I may even tell you what happens to Caesar and Annie's kids, since at this point, James and I are not planning to write a Crisis sequel, though we've already imagined what happened to little Caesar and Annie during their teen years while being raised by Galton, Adelaide, and uncle Fiero....


Where Did the Idea For Shifters Come From?

Of the people who've read advanced copies of Shifters,  they've often expressed their wonder as to where James and I got the idea. Well, of course we were inspired by the episode of Order of 5ive: Origins so, as a starting point, we used secondary characters from that mini book. But once James suggested the time traveling angle, I immediately thought about using the pool of water for the conduit through which to travel. The idea came from an old episode of Twilight Zone where a man jumped into a pond, swam to the bottom and came out in another time period. You'll understand once you read the book. Now, I got to get back to writing notes on Shifter 2 for James, where we, once again, allow our character to jump through time to unfold a new story. 


Shifting in Time

Hello Crisis trilogy fans and friends, updating you on the writing side of things. James and I are hard at work on our next Movie Book project, Shifters, which is a duology. Book I is due out this year. We like to have the covers beforehand to inspire us, but we had a difficult time trying to decide on the cover since this duology has so many cinematic scenes. We think you'll like what we finally chose.

So what is Shifters about? Well, considering we live in the 711 Press universe, we're able to borrow from other 711 Press stories. Inspired by the TV Book series Order of 5ive, James and I felt we wanted to expand on Devin Podrick, one of the characters from Order of 5ive Episode 0: Origins. We came up with one heck of a story that explains how the Order kids developed their powers. We've also tied in bits and pieces of other books. Since we consider Jami Lynn Saunders our little sister, we've added a bit of Werecat Saga info in a roundabaout way that will eventually explain how the airborne virus swept across the US. However, it won't be so obvious ;)

Shifters is a sci-fi joint that takes you through space and time. If you'd combine Back to the Future with Stargate you might get a glimsp of what Shifters is about. The first book will be out in the summer, the second in 2013. Can't wait to hear your response.