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James Bond Mania

So I've been watching the James Bond series all over again beginning with Dr. No, and I have to say, I LOVE the series. Brings back so many memories for one thing, but mainly I'm gearing up for Skyfall and gathering inspiration for my own Kill Factor series (which, as it's shaping up so far will probably run as long as the James Bond film saga, which currently stands at 23 entries, yikes). While I love Sean Connery, Roger Moore brought a more subdued and debonair aura to the role, infusing it with a unique touch that was all his own. I'll comment on the other three blokes once I get back up to them, but stepping one man back, I think folks have been entirely hard on George Lazenby. On Her Majesty's Secret Service was superior to some of Connery's entries, to be fair, and I preferred it over Moore's debut film.

All told, I'm like a kid in a cany store with this series though, and I'm glad I'm only 9 films in. 

Let the James Bond mania continue.

P.S. - Gotta love those beautiful Bond girls, and what variety. The spice of life, they say.