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Order of 5ive Season Two: Episode One: Reorder

Season two of Order kicks off in a whole new territory. The 5ive are now in the eyes of the public, above ground in an entirely new headquarters on the top levels of the Freedom Tower. Hailed by the city of New York as saviors after eliminating threat after supernatural threat, Ace, Diamond, Jack, Joker and Heart are somehow able to handle the overwhelming change. But when King announces that five new team members from the West Coast are being forced into the club, it doesn't sit well with the original 5ive. Diamond, in her usual fashion, decides to break the new members in, Diamond style. All seems to unfold well as the teams discover one another's unique powers and they explore their new headquarters together.

This episode prepares you for things to come in the eciting second season of Order of 5ive. Get your copy here.


Order of 5ive Season Two Update

Season Two of Order of 5ive, due out this summer (July 2 to be exact) is coming along well. Writing duties have been passed on to our seasoned editor, Rich Dalglish, but Gordon and I are still behind the scenes, co-plotting with Jaime Vendera and Daniel Middleton, as these stories require a lot of visionary elements. We pick right up where season one left off and barrel through a new twisted plot that takes the series to another level, and in an entirely new direction. Old players are back, such as Riker, Senator Aldridge (who will figure largely into this new season) and the entire Order team. New characters are also introduced, and we'll take you on a tour of the new headquarters, which resides in a familiar building.

I'll post more updates as things develop.