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Going Green With Solar

Being in Nevada, sunshine is plentiful, and since we have a south-facing ranch/rambler, I figure it's time to go solar. I've contacted two local companies and gotten estimates and I am floored at how much going "green" can suck green from the wallets of conscious folks. Sure, there are solar power rebates, tax credits and incentives and so forth, but that up front cost is something that has to be considered. At this point we'll probably go with a smaller setup: a few solar panels, trickle charger and a smaller battery bank, which I can probably figure out myself--doesn't take a rocket scientist after all. But just thinking about spinning that meter backwards has me and the wife salivating. However, we also plan on putting on an addition so Elena could have her prized hobby room (she sews, knits and does other crafts, which is wonderful).

Well, if we do end up going big and contracting with a solar energy company to do the installation I'll keep you posted, but the likelihood of that happening is slim to none.

If Kill Factor becomes a runaway bestseller, then this will be a whole nother conversation, as they say.

- R. Vallon