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Traveling to Earth at the Speed of Thought

Heads up Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica fans, Phoenix Earth episode three has hit the digital bookshelves. In this episode, Elena Saraya secretly enters the OutReach confine disguised as a Maluan, friends on the inside help to hide her with hundreds of other Malakarans. A distraught Lorien Saraya also finds a sliver of hope when his daughter is returned to him, though he is kept in the dark regarding his wife’s plans. Plagued by dreams of the extinction of the human and Maluan races, Lorien’s sister, Adriana Saraya, studies ancient theories in the Malakaran archives and devises a plan to leap across the universe in a new way. With only weeks before departure, Lorien, Adriana, and Commander Ontonio Bequieus work together in secret to prepare their brethren for a leap that is more fantasy than reality.

Get your Kindle copy here and begin an offworld adventure full of aliens, action and adventure.