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Age of the Sigil is Unleashed

Welcome back 711 Press fans. What a great new year 2013 is turning out to be already! This year, a turn of events has led us to release ALL TV books as complete seasons. Now, you, the reader, can own all 13 episodes of any TV book instantly, instead of waiting week after week for the next episode. This saves money and time as our new TV book eBook compilations are now priced at only $2.99 per season as compared to the old model of $0.99 per episode. And at thirteen episodes, that can get as pricey as a full length print novel.

So, to start this new year right, we've simultaneously launched Age of the Sigil Seasons One & Two

These two TV book compilations mark the first half of the Sigil series, an epic YA fantasy adventure which follows four teens (Pim the Knife, Reev Onid, Deloria Kildri, and Estra Dane) as they embark upon a quest across the four quadrants of the continent of Austrand in search of secrets to unlock the powers of the mysterious black Sigil markings that have appeared on their skin; tattoos which have granted them each unique abilities that save their lands from warlocks, monsters, and invisible forces bent on destroying their homelands.

Follow the quest of four teens as they lead you to the wildest places of your imagination, traveling across mountains, through caves, underground, and even beyond the clouds, and you'll discover a world full of dragons, faieries, swords & sorcery in a land as colorfully vivid as The Hobbit, created for lovers of YA fantasy. The Age of the Sigil is upon us, so you better prepare yourself for adventure.

Age of the Sigil was written by Melvyn Riley, one of our latest 711 Press authors. Welcome aboard, Melvyn.