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Where Did the Idea For Shifters Come From?

Of the people who've read advanced copies of Shifters,  they've often expressed their wonder as to where James and I got the idea. Well, of course we were inspired by the episode of Order of 5ive: Origins so, as a starting point, we used secondary characters from that mini book. But once James suggested the time traveling angle, I immediately thought about using the pool of water for the conduit through which to travel. The idea came from an old episode of Twilight Zone where a man jumped into a pond, swam to the bottom and came out in another time period. You'll understand once you read the book. Now, I got to get back to writing notes on Shifter 2 for James, where we, once again, allow our character to jump through time to unfold a new story. 


I'm Digging Phoenix Earth

The cool thing about being a 711 Press author is the fact that we're all privy to reading one another's stories before they launch, and many times, due to our brainstorming meetings we're required to attend via Skype, we feed off one another, trading ideas, etc. It's a never ending think tank of creative ideas and plots.

Phoenix Earth is a TV Book series along the lines of Battlestar Galactica, written by Melvyn Riley, and, ironically, it features a tidbit of scenery from the Crisis Trilogy, thanks to suggestions from me and James. So, I've actually read through episode seven so far, and I must admit, I wasn't hooked until the third episode. I thought eps 1 & 2 were cool, but they just didn't grab me, so I sort of read them just to read them, truth be told. They seemed a little slow in spots, but hey, Crisis Artifact started out slow as James points out here. But, by that third episode, I was on the edge of my seat. That's not to say that what comes before isn't effective or necessary.

All I can tell you is this series is HOT! If you like shows and movies like Stargate and Star Trek, etc., you're going to LOVE Phoenix Earth. My mum is even reading it now . . . though she seems to have a soft spot for Order of 5ive. I think that's because her baby boy was involved with that series, ;). So, check out the series, you have my Massie seal of approval that it's a great read!