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Is Earth a Suitable Home for Aliens?

Alas, Phoenix Earth is unfolding as episode four hits the Kindle bookshelves. In this episode, we learn that life for the remaining Maluans and humans is tough, seeing they are on the brink of destruction. As the day of departure arrives, the Veracitor of Malakar mysteriously dies and the cross-bred survivors fall prey to a full-on attack of three Malakaran warships, forcing them to make a decision that may still cost them their lives, that being whether or not to leap to Earth at the speed of thought. But, even millions of miles away from their attackers, will Earth prove any less a danger? Will the near dead planet be ready to accept human life once again, let alone a new alien race? Find out in Phoenix Earth episode four. Purchase your copy here.


Phoenix Earth: Episode Two

Phoenix Earth is back with episode two of this space action drama. In this episode, a fatal bombing kills hundreds of Malakarans in the city of OutReach, forcing the overbearing Veracitor of Malakar to confine all remaining humans and Maluans to a retired OutReach spaceport. The confined citizens are then forced to live and work for months while preparing seven ships for departure. When Lorien Saraya’s wife disappears, he knows it is a planned abduction by her own father, the Veracitor himself. As a result, new plans are formed to secretly stowaway hundreds of Malakarans who oppose the relocation decree and wish to leave the planet as well.

Find out how it all unfolds and get your own Kindle copy here.


711 Press Launches Fourth TV Book Series: Phoenix Earth

711 Press has officially launched a new TV Book series. Phoenix Earth is a sci-fi series along the lines of great shows such as BattleStar Galactica, Star Gate Universe and Star Trek. This riveting series follows the lives of the Maluans, a cross-bred race of humans and Malakarans, as they are forced off their home planet, Malakar. In order to survive an inevitable Malakaran attack fueled by prejudice and hate, led by their own brethren, the small fleet of Maluans leap across the universe at the speed of thought toward the planet of their ancestors--Earth. It has been five hundred years since an all-out war on Earth known as the Final Catyclysm destroyed much of the planet, and the fleet isn't sure that Earth can now sustain life. Even more alarming are the secrets they uncover when they arrive.

Phoenix Earth is a politically-fueled space adventure full of action-packed imagery with elements of mystery. Start living the life of a Maluan and discover the world of Phoenix Earth by clicking here.