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D.N.A. Is Here!

Jami Lynn Saunders releases her fourth book today, D.N.A. - David Noble, Alienwhich is a departure from her apocalyptic trilogy, the Werecat Saga. In D.N.A., teen recluse David Noble is suddenly plagued by nightmares of alien abduction, and it doesn't take long before he realizes that some dreams do come true. David is genetically altered and is soon bonded to a being from a distant galaxy, and this allows him to tap into ancient knowledge that is now hidden in his subconscious; knowledge that allows him to devise a way to help his ancestor from another planet escape the horrors of dissection and examination by the US government and return home. Not only must David build a device required for interdimensional travel, he must also deal with the death of his father and elude a secret society of government agents without being killed. Now half alien, only David Noble holds the key to freeing his ancestor, whose sole purpose in coming to Earth was to present David with the means to prevent humans from destroying their planet.

This standalone tale will thrill fans of E.T. The Extraterrestrial and J.J. Abrams's Super 8. It is a whimiscal, sci-fi adventure told through the eyes of teenagers caught in the middle of a government conspiracy. Self-discovery is at the heart of D.N.A., as David Noble comes to understand, fully, who he really is and what he is capable of.

Check it out here.


Phoenix Earth: Episode Eight

A day on Earth grows dark and emotions rise when Lorien Saraya is forced to take on more responsibility than he can handle. Meanwhile, Liere Riele struggles to decode the key to entering the hidden level on the moon base, and the entire Earth crew falls prey to a deadly virus. Back on Malakar, the murders continue while Kane prepares to leave for Earth. And Commander Bequeius feels the pressures as well, knowing Ship Three may be lost forever after learning their generators are damaged. To make matters worse, the commander and captains are forced to watch from space as a horroric scene plays out, that of their dying brethren on Earth being gutted by strange human savages.

For those who live for the thrill of intrigue presented in space-based sci-fi adventures like Battlestar Galactica and Stargate Universe, Phoenix Earth will continue the thrill ride. Click here to begin the adventure.  

Phoenix Earth: Episode Seven

Turmoil surmounts on Malakar when Gabriel Anthesixes decrees a dictatorship and assumes the role of Soverign Veracitor under the direction of Jenstiené Kane, who is preparing to leap to Earth and destroy the remaining Malauns and humans.

Light years away, plans for a new beginning start to unfold when Lorien Saraya sends a team to a lush area of Earth’s surface. While on ground, James McCullum, Rhine and Trin Waylood, and Wren Leslande discover a temple in the middle of a lake that shares the same energy signature that protects the moon base. Questions continue to mount, while, on the moon, mysteries unfold as well after Liere Riele discovers a hidden level beneath the moon base.
Phoenix Earth, a TV Book series that can be read in under thirty minutes per episode, is already being hailed as the next Battlestar Galactica in book form. Enter the future and take the ride yourself by clicking here.




Phoenix Earth: Episode Six

In this episode, infiltrating the moon base proves harder than expected when a group of Maluans are attacked by an unseen enemy. Whether they live or die depends on one human girl, Liere Riele. Back on Malakar, assassinations leave the entire Malakaran government in an uproar. They must turn to the only surviving Senator for leadership; the same man who helped assassinate the Veracitor-in-Standing.

Sci-fi fans, Phoenix Earth will not disappoint. With elements of television shows like Space 1999, Battlestar Galactica, and the Stargate series, Phoenic Earth allows you to live the adventure as scenes unfold upon the pages of your Kindle, Nook, and iPad, a vast tapestry of space full of polotical intrigue and adventure. Discover Phoenix Earth for yourself here.


Phoenix Earth: Episode Five

When the remaining Maluans and humans disappear across the fabric of space, Jenstiené Kane, the leader of the Correctors of Abomination refocuses his efforts toward shaping the Malakaran government in his favor, as he patiently waits to discover the coordinates of the missing men and women he plans to kill. Meanwhile, near Earth, the small fleet of KX-80 ships and the lone Ark, discover a field of abandoned spaceships on the dark side of the moon as well as an abandoned spaceport on the surface of the moon itself. Knowing they are not alone, they proceed with caution to explore the abandoned ships and base, while Kane plans a multitude of assassinations back on Malakar.

For fans of Star Wars, Star Trek, Earth 2, Stargate SG1, Stargate Universe, Battlestar Galactica, Caprica, and generally any sci-fi space adventure, Phoenix Earth is the book series to satisfy your appetite for out of this world adventure. Check it out here


Is Earth a Suitable Home for Aliens?

Alas, Phoenix Earth is unfolding as episode four hits the Kindle bookshelves. In this episode, we learn that life for the remaining Maluans and humans is tough, seeing they are on the brink of destruction. As the day of departure arrives, the Veracitor of Malakar mysteriously dies and the cross-bred survivors fall prey to a full-on attack of three Malakaran warships, forcing them to make a decision that may still cost them their lives, that being whether or not to leap to Earth at the speed of thought. But, even millions of miles away from their attackers, will Earth prove any less a danger? Will the near dead planet be ready to accept human life once again, let alone a new alien race? Find out in Phoenix Earth episode four. Purchase your copy here.


Traveling to Earth at the Speed of Thought

Heads up Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica fans, Phoenix Earth episode three has hit the digital bookshelves. In this episode, Elena Saraya secretly enters the OutReach confine disguised as a Maluan, friends on the inside help to hide her with hundreds of other Malakarans. A distraught Lorien Saraya also finds a sliver of hope when his daughter is returned to him, though he is kept in the dark regarding his wife’s plans. Plagued by dreams of the extinction of the human and Maluan races, Lorien’s sister, Adriana Saraya, studies ancient theories in the Malakaran archives and devises a plan to leap across the universe in a new way. With only weeks before departure, Lorien, Adriana, and Commander Ontonio Bequieus work together in secret to prepare their brethren for a leap that is more fantasy than reality.

Get your Kindle copy here and begin an offworld adventure full of aliens, action and adventure.