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Phoenix Earth: Episode Ten

Adriana Saraya, Dyzm’nd and Liere Riele enter the mysterious third level of the moon base to discover a temple identical to one found on Earth. A simple mistake brings the temple to life, releasing an ancient power source that can not only rebuild, but also bring about their demise. As the storms pass on Earth, James McCullum and his men emerge unscathed after being saved by a new group of friends. But their friends warn them of the impending danger on the moon. Now, the Maluans may have to face the possibility of the Malakaran nation discovering their whereabouts in addition to a new and entirely hostile alien race as well. Across the universe, Kaci races to save the inhabitants of Ship Three before they are annihilated by the pursuing Malakaran warships. 

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Phoenix Earth: Episode Nine

When communications are disabled by a mysterious signal from Phoenix Earth, Commander Bequieus sends a team to Earth to recover their fallen brethren. After they land, the bodies go missing and the teams are forced to take cover when a ferocious storm that can rip the skin from a man’s body rolls in from nowhere. The recovery mission, now forced to wait out the storm, are left wondering if their friends are already dead. Meanwhile, on the moon, Liere Riele discovers the secret for unlocking the vault to the third level, but the price of entrance may change her life forever. And trouble mounts when a signal from the stranded Ship Three, stuck three light years from Earth, discovers they are being chased by Malakaran warships. But, Kaci Saraya cannot accept their fate, knowing his daughter is aboard the ship. Racing across the universe in a transporter retrofitted with Negative Ionic Transduced Resonant Technology, he makes a desperate attempt to rescue the doomed space vessel, hoping his own transporter doesn’t fall apart from the force before he reaches his destination.

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So in Love With STARGATE!

Man, I CANNOT get enough of Stargate. Sooo happy for Netflix. I'm currently in season 6 and I'm pretty peeved Daniel Jackson is missing. Like the new cat, but he's no Daniel. But I'm happy to hear he's coming back in season seven. I actually loved the movie way back when and think the TV characters capture the movie men quite closely, though I think Richard Dean Anderson is more humorous and comedic at times than I would've thought the colonel would ever be. I actually jumped ahead of the game and watched Stargate Universe first. But, I plan to watch these two seasons again after I finish SG1 & SG Atlantis. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a wormhole to cross.


Phoenix Earth: Episode Eight

A day on Earth grows dark and emotions rise when Lorien Saraya is forced to take on more responsibility than he can handle. Meanwhile, Liere Riele struggles to decode the key to entering the hidden level on the moon base, and the entire Earth crew falls prey to a deadly virus. Back on Malakar, the murders continue while Kane prepares to leave for Earth. And Commander Bequeius feels the pressures as well, knowing Ship Three may be lost forever after learning their generators are damaged. To make matters worse, the commander and captains are forced to watch from space as a horroric scene plays out, that of their dying brethren on Earth being gutted by strange human savages.

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Phoenix Earth: Episode Seven

Turmoil surmounts on Malakar when Gabriel Anthesixes decrees a dictatorship and assumes the role of Soverign Veracitor under the direction of Jenstiené Kane, who is preparing to leap to Earth and destroy the remaining Malauns and humans.

Light years away, plans for a new beginning start to unfold when Lorien Saraya sends a team to a lush area of Earth’s surface. While on ground, James McCullum, Rhine and Trin Waylood, and Wren Leslande discover a temple in the middle of a lake that shares the same energy signature that protects the moon base. Questions continue to mount, while, on the moon, mysteries unfold as well after Liere Riele discovers a hidden level beneath the moon base.
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Phoenix Earth: Episode Six

In this episode, infiltrating the moon base proves harder than expected when a group of Maluans are attacked by an unseen enemy. Whether they live or die depends on one human girl, Liere Riele. Back on Malakar, assassinations leave the entire Malakaran government in an uproar. They must turn to the only surviving Senator for leadership; the same man who helped assassinate the Veracitor-in-Standing.

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Phoenix Earth: Episode Five

When the remaining Maluans and humans disappear across the fabric of space, Jenstiené Kane, the leader of the Correctors of Abomination refocuses his efforts toward shaping the Malakaran government in his favor, as he patiently waits to discover the coordinates of the missing men and women he plans to kill. Meanwhile, near Earth, the small fleet of KX-80 ships and the lone Ark, discover a field of abandoned spaceships on the dark side of the moon as well as an abandoned spaceport on the surface of the moon itself. Knowing they are not alone, they proceed with caution to explore the abandoned ships and base, while Kane plans a multitude of assassinations back on Malakar.

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