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What's the Best Horror on Netflix?

Anyone have any suggestions for horror movies on Netflix? I luv me some Netflix, people, but it does urk me to see how few horror fests they feature in their collection. There truly is a lot of dreck to sift through for sure. Luckily, I am into Hellraiser right now and have eight movies in the series in my instant queue (good thing 711 Press encourages this. What a cool publisher). But most of the time, I can only watch a few of the movies in a series.

Anyways, I am looking to find things to warp my already twisted brain further. I'm looking for movies that will inspire my creative juices. As a side note, Roger Vallon said to me one day, "Dru, how does such a tiny little thing like you come up with those sadistic tales?" I told him I was probably dropped on my head as a child (which probably isn't far from the truth considering the horde of roughhousing boys I grew up around).

So, help this tiny girl out. Tell me what Netflix flicks keeps you from sleeping at night ;)


Book Pricing versus Page Count

News Flash: The Kindle revolution has challenged the publishing industry to a boxing match. The decision is in; Kindle has won, leaving the old publishing model beaten and bloody, as Kindle claims the belt and watches book pricing drop to rock-bottom prices. Just within the past few years, people's perception of appropriate book pricing has tipped the scales in favor of the consumer, who is used to getting their wares for less than the price of a Happy Meal. Honestly, this isn't a news flash, and I'm not knocking this new wave mentality. With the onslaught of app stores offering portable music, eBooks and digital games that can be instantly bought and downloaded on the cellphone in your pocket, even I have fallen prey to price picking. Seldom will I buy a book or app above $2.99, and I often find myself picking through the $0.99 batch more often. But in the end, if I know I am going to get a quality Kindle book, I'll pay $10 bucks or more. Because to me, quality is king.

So, what sets the standard between a $0.99, $2.99 or a $9.99 Kindle book? I've done spilled the beans; quality is king, as I said. With that in mind, we won't be discussing books priced above $2.99, because if you look at the tags for any Kindle book priced at $9.99 or above, there has usually been someone who has added a tag such as "9.99 Boycott" or "Outrageous Kindle price". I personally think that's a result of the cheap Kindle book mentality. A good book is a good book is a good book, so I don't mind paying $9.99 for a digital book full of great content, especially if the print version is $14.99 or higher. If I can save even a few bucks by purchasing a didigal copy in lieu of its paper twin, I feel I've not only saved on print cost, but also helped save a few trees in the process. Yet others disagree and complain that a $20 dollar book should only be a buck in the Kindle store. Here's the problem in that thinking. Being an author is a real job, and for an author to take next to nothing for their work, they won't be able to make a living from their craft. This in turn will leave their fans in limbo, especially with price-shocked readers who keep tagging "boycott" on their product page, thus driving away the author's income base. Now some of you may say that authors like John Locke and Amanda Hocking have made millions of $0.99 books, and they'd be right. But only a handful of Kindle authors have reached that stage of success at this point.

I'm drifting, so let's get back to my original question and focus on the title of this blog.

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And So Begins the Long, Cold Winter

Today marks the official launch of horror fiction writer Drusilla Winters' second book, Long, Cold Winter, which is the continuation of her unconventional horror trilogy entitled Moment of Death. In Long, Cold Winter, Drusilla paints a more twisted tale than her first book, Flight 666, as a small group of friends opt for a weekend getaway in a secluded hilltop lodge. But as the days unfold, and the other residents disappear, a variety of bizarre and twisted, paranormal events shape their future as the group fights to escape and survive the onslaught of unknown forces that are seemingly under the control of a sadistic doctor bent on releasing their deepest, darkest nightmares.

If you are a true lover of horror, this book is for you. Be forewarned: DO NOT read this book at night if you're all alone!


Drusilla Winters Interview

Drusilla Winter’s mind is like a horrific landscape of comedic brutality. When we read her first manuscript, we instantly knew she was a 711 Press candidate. Filled with tales that would probably even shock the likes of Stephen King, people are surprised to find that she’s a small, gentle looking woman with an innocent voice to match. So, we decided to interview Drusilla, so that her readers could discover for themselves, what makes her mind tick and why she writes such nightmares. Be prepared to be shocked by what you read below:

711 Press: So. Drusilla, how did you get into writing?

Drusilla Winters: Well, most of my story is in my 711 Press bio on the website, but for my fans (if I have any after they read my book, lol) here’s my story in a nutshell. I grew up in Philly, after moving to the states from England. I was exploring the house we moved into and found a box full of old books by Stephen King, Anne Rice, Dean Koontz, Agatha Christie and Daphne du Maurier. I became an addict real quick and went through the entire box that first summer. The rest is pretty much history, as they say.

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