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More History on the Temple From Crisis Artifact...

Ah, another golden question. Many want to know more about the mysical black pyramid from The Crisis Trilogy. How did the Ancients know how to build it? Where did it truly originate? Was it on Earth? Are there any more? Well, with all 711 Press titles, be it TV books or movie books, key aspects of stories are subject to reappear here and there from time to time. And concerning the temple, you haven't seen the last of it. Being a 711 Press author allows me access to stories way in advance of release and I'm able to be a part of the creative process where other authors are concerned. So I can assure you, the temple will reappear right around the corner. As for which TV or movie book it will make its appearance in, that I will not reveal, you'll just have to buy them all to find out, haha. However, once you find it, a little more light will be shed on the true purpose of the temple and whether or not it originated when Caesar Guevara saw it in The Catastrophe Scroll, or in another eon. We'll also learn whether the amazing temple of Peru is the only one in existence, as it could be one of thousands ;)

Look for clues in one of our current releases.


Shifting in Time

Hello Crisis trilogy fans and friends, updating you on the writing side of things. James and I are hard at work on our next Movie Book project, Shifters, which is a duology. Book I is due out this year. We like to have the covers beforehand to inspire us, but we had a difficult time trying to decide on the cover since this duology has so many cinematic scenes. We think you'll like what we finally chose.

So what is Shifters about? Well, considering we live in the 711 Press universe, we're able to borrow from other 711 Press stories. Inspired by the TV Book series Order of 5ive, James and I felt we wanted to expand on Devin Podrick, one of the characters from Order of 5ive Episode 0: Origins. We came up with one heck of a story that explains how the Order kids developed their powers. We've also tied in bits and pieces of other books. Since we consider Jami Lynn Saunders our little sister, we've added a bit of Werecat Saga info in a roundabaout way that will eventually explain how the airborne virus swept across the US. However, it won't be so obvious ;)

Shifters is a sci-fi joint that takes you through space and time. If you'd combine Back to the Future with Stargate you might get a glimsp of what Shifters is about. The first book will be out in the summer, the second in 2013. Can't wait to hear your response.


Rerun Week Begins with Mafia Madness!

For our fans who are familiar with our "Rerun Mondays" promotion, which offers one free TV Book episode per week, we've got exciting news. Rerun Mondays began with our YA TV series, Order of 5ive, and since the launch, we've received plenty of great feedback...and you'll be happy to know that we've listened to your comments.

As a gift to our fans, we've changed Rerun Mondays to the all new Rerun Week format. You'll no longer have to wait an entire week to receive the next episode of the first season of one of our TV Books. Now, you'll have access to the ENTIRE first season of a selected TV Book series, absolutely FREE for five whole days. Download the entire season and share this information with your friends and family.

To launch Rerun Week, we're kicking it off in the world of organized crime with Mafiosi Season One. In this exciting TV Book series, we follow the life of up and coming mafioso Vincenzo Abruzzi as he climbs the ladder of the powerful Paranzano family in 1950s New York. If you love films like The Godfather, Donnie Brascoe, Goodfellas and television shows like The Sopranos and Las Vegas, Mafiosi will fill your mind with enough crime and opulence to make you feel like you're in the book living the life of a thriving mobster. 

Check out Mafiosi here. To download your free Kindle copies, click on each Kindle link below an episode.

Rerun week will happen periodically throughout the year, so stay tuned for other fun-filled TV shows.


What Are Movie Books and TV Books?

In today’s fast-paced society, it seems that everyone has forgotten about the medium of reading, which is one of the first forms of entertainment. With the introduction of iPhones, Netflix, and video games, as well as reality shows and movies, we have essentially diminished the act of reading for the current generation. No longer are the vast majority of youths digging into books and exploring new worlds with the sole use of the imagination. With that said, 711 Press decided to embark on a bold new venture.   

So What Are Movie Books and TV Books?
Well the simple answer is, they are stories that are meant to be consumed in the same amount of time it takes you to watch an actual film or television show. And while the mediums differ, our Movie and TV Books apply the same storytelling conventions used in film and television productions. Certain themes are explored, plot arcs are carried over, and characters are given room to develop and grow as the narrative unspools during the course of your reading. But all this doesn’t take a week to experience, as our books, like we said, take the same amount of time to read as watching a movie or television show does.

What Differentiates Movie and TV books From Regular Novels?
The idea behind our products is not based on traditional publishing norms, therefore we are not competing with publishers per se. We don’t consider our books “novels.” In fact, that word isn’t used by us. We produce the equivalent of novellas, or short stories, but the storytelling methods we employ differ from conventional methods used in the past, as our tales tend to take the form of movie and TV show narratives. You would have to read our products to get a true sense of this, however, while keeping all this in mind, as it is a departure from what most “novel” readers are probably accustomed to.

Our Movie Books aren’t meant to be grand pieces of literature. They are short, 80120-page reads that are well-plotted and well-written pieces of entertainment. And each book is edited and designed with care, all in an effort to get you into the story, keep you on the edge of your seat, and have your heart racing by the end of the read. Our aim is to give you a movie-going experience via reading. You’ll fall in love with some characters, while you’ll truly despise others. You’ll relate to their situations and keep reading to find out where the story will end. So feel free to pop some popcorn and crack open a can of soda while you read, because the moment you open a Movie Book, the adventure will begin, and hopefully it will be one you won’t want to end.

Can You Really Sum Up a Story in a Hundred Pages or Less?
Yes you can! As one reviewer of one of our trilogies correctly stated, “Although the books in this series are not long, there is a lot of stuff going on.” By removing all of the “filler” from a book (sometimes 300 pages worth) then choosing to focus on quick, descriptive narrative, while including meaningful, plot-advancing dialog, we can allow the reader to become part of the book they are reading. You, the reader, will be living the adventure in your mind, and it won’t take weeks to complete. You’ll be finished with one Movie Book within one to three hours, and be ready to move on to the next adventure.

Many may ask, “Why not combine three 100-page 711 Press Movie Books into a full length book? Essentially a novel.” The simple answer: because, as we stated, we are delving into new territory and don’t wish to follow the traditional norms of storytelling used in novels. Combining a trilogy, such as The Crisis Trilogy (The Crisis Artifact, The Chaos Pendulum, and The Catastrophe Scroll) would be a total mind-melt of plots, concepts, and characters, and would not allow you enough time to mentally digest the richness of the complete story. So don’t fall into the trap of allowing page count to fool you as regards a book’s merit. That’s a deceptive measuring tool of the true quality of a book. Consider this, if all three Matrix movies were mashed together and released as one movie, which was over six hours long, you would be so overwhelmed by the end of the movie that your brain would be fried trying to resolve the intricate concept of the plot.

Who Would Enjoy a Movie Book or TV Book?
Anyone who enjoys fast-paced action movies like the James Bond series, Indiana Jones, Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings, or Underworld would enjoy our continually growing line of titles, which span many genres. If you are a lover a hour-long television shows such as The Sopranos, Heroes, AlphasGame of Thrones, or Battlestar Galactica, our TV Books will keep you wanting more. You’ll be able to finish one TV Book episode in less than an hour.

So, when you’re ready to start living a book in your mind, whether you’re into shorter works that feel like two-hour movies, or episodic TV Shows that develop over the course of a full season, consider 711 Press your home. At 711 Press, there’s something for every reader!