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Why We Rate Our Movie and TV Books

At 711 Press, we are dedicated to delivering what we promise: Books that read just like action-packed movies and television shows. We understand that time is valuable, so what better way to give you a great read than to write a book that is void of hundreds of pages of filler, put you right into the action scene and take you for a thrill ride in the same amount of time it takes for you to catch a movie or watch your favorite television show. That's why our movie books can easily be read from beginning to end in less than three hours and our TV book episodes can be digested in thirty minutes or less. 

Building on our 711 Press formula, we not only list read times per book, we also rate them each book just like the movies and television shows are rated. That way, you can decide if a title may be too racy for you. Still, we do try to keep our titles clean and do not use foul language, but we do understand that some book scenes may be to graphically violent or provocative for many of our fans. Therefore we've incorporated the following ratings system to assure you choose a book that's right for you. Our Movie and TV books are based on the same rating system as used by the film industry as follows:

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