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Maybe I Should Write a Novel About a World Where it Never Quits Raining?

Urrrg, I am sooooo sick of this weather. Rain, sun, hot, cold, make up your mind! It's messing with my mojo. Kinda makes me think of Rabid where all it did was rain for days. How depressing. Think I'll lay off writing for a few days, or the plot of my new trilogy will end up unfolding in some flooded region...

Hmmm, on second thought, maybe I should write a book about rain, people barely surviving, waiting for the sun, after a seemingly undending downpour. Waiting for the Sun, yep, that's it. Pssst, if any of you are planning on stealing my idea or book name, be forewarned, I wrote Feral, Rabid, Nocturnal, and D.N.A. in less than three months altogether. ;)

Of course, I'll have to pitch this idea during some future Skype meeting with the publishers and see if they'll bite. Trust me, I've run maybe three or four ideas past them that were shot down with surface-to-air missiles in a flash!


I Need a Name For the Main Character in My Next Trilogy!

Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider, Spider-Man, Batman, Green Lantern, Punisher, Superman, phew, I’ve seen a lot of superhero movies. With all these superhero movies, how could I go wrong with writing a superhero trilogy? BTW- Fantastic Four totally sucked for me. I LOVED them, but I think they made the movies too hokey. The team should’ve been tougher like the X-Men.

Anyhoo, that’s what I am doing, writing a sort of superhero trilogy. Yes, I’ve hinted at my new series and that’s what I am deep into writing at the moment. But come on, it’s me, I can’t just write a superhero movie book series about some guy in tight blue spandex with a continual smile on his face. Nope, mine’s gotta be a super femme for one, with a sneer and hot temper, and it’s gotta be dark like the Werecat Saga, which means she’s gotta be some sort of monster mutant or something. Don’t worry, she won’t be vampire, mummy, zombie, werewolf, or werecat for that matter… I’ve already sailed that ship.

My superhero is someone cool and she’s as tough as Max from Dark Angel, Selene from Underworld, and like a female version of Eric Drave from The Crow. (Gosh Brandon Lee was soooooo hot.) And I’ve figured out exactly what she is, how she came to be and whose butt she gets to kick. This new series doesn’t take you across the US, it’s more centralized to one area and I won’t have tons of monsters in it. But, as I think about her, I get chills; she’s the baddest, most unlikely superhero you can imagine. And if you continue to read my blog posts, I may just hint at what she is.

Now, I need your help. I need a name for my girl, and for once I am drawing a blank. If any of my two fans are reading this, and you have an idea for a name, tweet it to me. Hey, it could even be YOUR real name. If I like it, I’ll use it, and I’ll even send you free copies right before each book is released. Of course, I've got to okay it with Daniel and Jaime, but those two are pushovers, ;)

So, gimme a name and it may just be the name of the main character in my next trilogy!


I've Finally Seen The Hunger Games . . .

. . . And I am hooked! I've never read the books, but now I will. I think Katniss Everdeen is one cool chick, and just about as tough as Pippa Reyes and Abby Hunter from my Werecat Saga. After watching Jennifer Lawrence in the movie, I'd LOVE for her to play Pippa if Feral ever becomes a move [ehem. Get crackin' with those movies deals publishers]. I just hope that one day my stories will reach a fever pitch and engage the minds of YA fans like Suzanne Collins has with her series. If you haven't seen The Hunger Games yet, don't miss out. I enjoyed it more than the Twilight movies, and that's saying a LOT, because I'm not ashamed to admit that I gushed over those pretty hard.


I've Wrapped Up the Plotting for My New Trilogy!

Hello sci-fi fans, Jami Lynn here. I wanted to let you know that I have finally wrapped up the plots for three new books, which will comprise my next trilogy. I believe I've already let it slip that I have two new series to release, but I chose the one that has inspired me the most...and it's a doozie. I can't really say much or else the bosses will ground me, lol, but I can tell you that it is dark like Underworld, The Crow, and Escape From New York. In my usual fashion, I've tiptoed around vampires, werewolves, and zombies and created a new beast. But this time, the beast is the hero among a society of miscreants, and besides this monster, my new trilogy won't be full of rabid creatures. Not to worry though, it won't disappoint. In fact, I think it'll be even more thrilling than the Werecat Saga. But I could be saying that because my unusual approach to writing has me living the story as I write the plots and pages. With Feral, Rabid, Nocturnal, and D.N.A., I literally wrote the plots while loosely daydreaming about each story, and I would write them until 3-4 AM in the morning. I find I write amazingly fast if I dwell on the story all day long, then binge write at night.

I will most likely finish the first book in the next month, but I am hearing it's a looooong way off before my next book will be released. I guess I got to give Dru, James, Gordon and the gang time to catch up to me, haha. You hear that, Roger, get to writing more Kill Factor so I can get back in the game! They know I'm only teasing. I love 711 Press and I love my new fans. I promise to keep you all happy :) See you next blog ;)

Jami Lynn


The World Has Gone RABID Today!!!

Listen up Jami Lynn Saunders fans, Rabid is finally here! Book II of her Werecat Saga releases today. In this Movie Book, we follow Pippa Reyes, the girl turned werecat, as the feline gene takes over her body, driving her mad. Her friends, Aiden, Salvatore, Abby, and Dr. Jack Tanner give chase to find her when she disappears into the night in pursuit of a pack of genetcially mutated alligators. Little do her friends know that once she finishes destroying the reptiles, they are her next target.

This book is a non-stop thrill ride following a small group as they trek across the country in search of a safehaven for the remaining survivors of world devastation. Become part of the story as you live this book in your mind. You'll be running from feral creatures while reading about Pippa's sister Abby discovering her werecat side, and Aiden, the boy thought dead, becoming a new hybrid himself. It's a race for life filled with creatures worse than zombies, werewolves, and vampires. Get your copy of Rabid here.


And So the Werecat Saga Begins!

YA Sci-Fi fans, there's a new author in town to be reckoned with! Jami Lynn Saunders is the newest writer to join 711 Press. The first book in her post-apocalyptic, zombie-like thriller, Feral, officially launches today, 11/30/2011. Feral is the beginning of Jami Lynn's Werecat Saga. It marks the third trilogy by 711 Press, preceeded by the Crisis Trilogy by James LaFleur and Gordon Massie and the Moment of Death Trilogy by Drusilla Winters.

Feral is an action/paranormal/monster/post-apocolyptic story in the vein of books look Hollowland and Hollowmen by Amanda Hocking, as well as movies like Resident Evil, I am Legend, Book of Eli and Underworld, yet it's a unique story in its own right. Feral follows three friends as they set off from New York City to travel the desolate continent of the United States in search of a rumored safehold that will protect the groups' leader, Pippa Reyes from being killed by what is left of the human race. Pippa is what is known as a werecat, a genetically altered human harboring a feline creature hidden beneath her skin that emerges when she's under attack. Unfortunately, humans and werecats aren't all that's left alive after the US suffers a biological and nuclear fallout. Many humans were transformed into Ferals, which are rabid, nearly zombie-like, blood-thirsty creatures which roam the lands in search of fresh meat. Now it is a race to see if Pippa Reyes, Abby Hunter, Aiden, and their new friends they make it to the safehold on the other side of the continent before they are devoured by ravenous beasts.

Staying true to the "Movies in Book Form" motto of 711 Press, Feral is a great after-school or weekend read that can easily replace going to the movies or watching a few shows on television, because it can be read in the same amount of time it takes to watch an actual movie. This concept allows readers to digest an amazing action-packed story and enjoy the fantasy in less than a few hours.

Check out Feral todayand learn more about the Werecat Saga here.

Read an interview with Jami Lynn here


Jami Lynn Saunders Interview

Jami Lynn Saunders is the youngest author to join the 711 Press Roster. Signed at only 19, this young talent is amped and ready to shake up the world of YA Fiction world with post-apocalyptic, paranormal, action and adventure tales. Many know that 711 Press does not accept unsolicited material, so it was no surprise when Jami’s first manuscript, a teen romance, was instantly rejected. But her wit and persistent determination via email and several phone calls (not willing to take no for an answer) worked wonders, getting her a full on audience with 711 Press producer Jaime Vendera. That meeting opened a door of possibilities, yet slammed it shut in her face.

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