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Wake: Amanda Hocking's New Book 

This is tooooo bizarre. 711 Press loved my one-off novel D.N.A. so much, they asked if I had any other ideas. In fact I did. I wanted to write a mermaid story, so I did a little research. Low and behold, I am looking online to see who else writes mermaid stories and I discover the book, Wake, Amanda Hocking's first book in her Watersong series. Can you say "psychic"? Reminds me of when people were saying my Werecat Saga reminded them of the Hollowmen series. I must admit, I'd never read any Hocking as the Trylle series storyline just didn't appeal to me. But I did end up reading Hollowland and Hollowmen once my Werecat Saga was released and many of my fans pointed out similarities between her novels and mine. I really enjoyed them both and now I am looking forward to her newest releases.

It looks like Amanda beat me to the punch, again, ;) but we are proceeding full throttle ahead with my new trilogy, which has nothing to do with mermaids. Regardless, someone else beat me to the punch as well. Sela Horn is a new 711 Press author who writes paranormal romances (she'll be introduced on here before long I suspect). Her first book is mermaid-related, so at least one of us will get that fish story out there. So, I'll focus on my new dark trilogy...and it's very dark, let me tell you. The first book is due out in 2013.

As for Amanda Hocking's latest book, I cannot wait to read Wake but I will put that read on the backburner until I finish some other writing projects. I am finding more and more that authors like Amanda Hocking and Riley Carney are quickly becoming some of my favs. Cheers Amanda, I am happy for your success! Hope you end up reading a few of my books and liking them too :)