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Underground Cities

I've recently become obsessed with Coober Pedy, in South Australia which is an underground city where several thousand people live in little homes called dugouts (and we're not talking baseball here). The homes look amazing and the city features a church, stores and more. It was originally started back in the '50s I believe when some workers, mining for opals, decided to start sleeping underground to beat the heat. It has since evolved into an entire city.

My plan is to visit Coober Pedy. There is even an underground hotel. If I could sleep just one night in the hotel, I am betting it would inspire a whole new trilogy or series. I might even tackle a TV book series one day :) I can see it now, a story about a huge underground city, people trying to survive another holocaust and zombie-like infestation. Oh, Australia, someday soon. 

Learn more about Coober Pedy here and check out these cool pictures.



Werecat Saga is Roaring!

Wow, I cannot believe it, The Werecat Saga, (Feral, Rabid, Nocturnal) is blowing up in OverDrive Media. Libraries and schools all over the world are picking up the trilogy every day. I was a little bummed because sales have slowed on Amazon, but, as with Amanda Hocking, I understand that it takes time and lots of blogging and now I believe that OverDrive Media will be that boost I need ;)

Needless to say, with this boost in sales, if my first trilogy continues to climb the library charts, it will only encourage 711 Press to release my next trilogy sooner than later. As slated now, we're over a year away before my next trilogy begins. But now I'm crossing my fingers for a slot this coming January (though D.N.A. officially puts me over my quota for 2013).

Thanks OverDrive Media and all the libraries and schools that believe in me. Now, back to the writing grind...


New Sample Chapters

Sample chapters for Nocturnal and Kill Factor: Serpent Head are now up.

For those of you who haven't been keeping up, Nocturnal is the final book in Jami Lynn Saunders' Werecat Saga, a thrilling post-apocalyptic series that features a young female heroine infected with a feline virus that enables her to morph into a hybrid snow leopard at will. Ferocious enemies stalk her at every turn, but she is determined to trek across the barren wastelands of a devastated future United States in search of a safehold for her kind.

Kill Factor is an ongoing series that features a band of rogue super agents headed by two disgruntled geniuses; their aim? the ultimate destruction of a private corporation that was once home to a secret government spy program known as Redrum. Now Redrum is a modern-day multi-national conglomerate with its hands in practically everything, though it has never reliquished itself of the spy program the government once hid.

Action and intrigue abound in these edge-of-your-seat action spy yarns, and the latese entry, Kill Factor: Serpent Head, is no exception.

So check out the sample chapters for Nocturnal and Kill Factor: Serpent Head and start your journey today. You'll probably want to start at the beginning, however. So the first books in these two series, Feral and Kill Factor, are required reading!

Also, to read sample chapters of any of our current Movies Books, simply click the READ SAMPLE CHAPTER link below the description on the official product page of a given title.


The Conclusion of the Werecat Saga

And so the Werecat saga ends with the third book, Nocturnal, by Jami Lynn Saunders, now released. In this epic movie book, we learn that the hope for a feral cure is now lost due to the death of Dr. Jack Tanner—Major Rathbone, Salvatore, and Rebecka Hayes set off for the werecat and human safehold in the Olympic Mountains. Along the way, they hope to recover the rabid sisters Pippa Reyes and Abby Hunter as they make their escape across the feral-infested wastelands. But following a bizarre twist of events, we find that both Jack Tanner and Aiden are still alive. Dr. Tanner is given a second chance at life when he evolves into a half-bat, half-marsupial creature known as a nocturnal. After dealing with his own demons, which threaten to make him as rabid as the sisters who hold the key to saving the world, can the doctor reunite with Abby and Pippa, and find a cure before the growing feral infestation consumes what's left of humanity? Learn more about the Werecat Saga, Feral, Rabid and Nocturnal by clicking here.


Reviewers for Feral

Hi all! I've finally got my 711 Press blog working and I'd like to use my first post to ask that all reviewers of YA sci-fi out there reach out and lend me a hand. You'll get a free copy of my new book, Feral, by contacting us. Please read this post and follow the simple instructions. Feral is coming out on November 30th, but reviewers will receive copies of the Kindle book the day before. Spots are still open, so there's still time to sign up.

The book involves werecats, wild, ravenous beings called ferals, action, adventure, a dash of romance, epic quests across barren, dangerous wastelands, and more! Please sign up! But only if you're interested.

Jami Lynn