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Order of 5ive Season Two: Episode Five: Dark Waters

When Senator Aldridge demands that King take the entire West Coast Order on a mission to capture a creature that presides in the dark waters of Lake Michigan, Queen comes up with a plan to fool Aldridge's spies into thinking the creature doesn't exist. The plan hinges on the ability of one of the new teens and will press their powers to the edge. When the plan almost fails, due to Deuce's time freezing ability coming up short, the entire mission is jeopardized. In the end, while the overall mission appears to be a failure, in that the creature purportedly eludes capture, Senator Aldridge begins to develop suspicions that will ultimately lead to friction between King's team and Aldridge's network of spies.

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Order of 5ive Season Two: Episode Four: Bugged

During a meditation session, Joker's ESP kicks in and he uncovers the thoughts of supposed spies in their camp. After bringing the news to King's attention they soon devise a plan to corner the culprits with the aid of a vaccine he whips up, which he claims is "needed" to prepare them for their latest creature extraction—a group of mutated spiders. However, the guilty parties are clueless to the fact that the vaccine will not only bug them, allowing the East Coast team to listen in on private conversations, but it will also weaken their powers, leaving them vulnerable to capture. In the end, the spies are weeded out, after false information is fed to the West Coast team, who in turn pass it on to Senator Aldridge. Now that the cat is out of the bag, King decides to keep their newfound knowledge to themselves, using it to their advantage to see what else Senator Aldridge may have in store for the Order.

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Order of 5ive Season Two: Episode Three: Wolf Pack

When a secret phone call to King from Riker reveals that Senator Aldridge has been exterminating every captured animal and monster the 5ive have rescued, Riker reveals a plan to save the creatures from total extinction, but it will take much effort on the part of the 5ive. Joker, though an official field op, is spending much of his time in the science and technology lab of the new facility, this in order to get close to Kelly Doyle, while he secretly works on a formula to reverse the effect of a vaccine each member was given to suppress their powers when they reached their twenties. Unable to find the cure, Joker turns his efforts to temporarily masking the creatures' unique energy signatures so that King and Riker can accomplish their plan. King prepares to initiate the project in order to "save the beasts." But his suspicions arise concerning the West Coast Order when Senator Aldridge demands that he take several of its members on the next mission. The plot thickens, leaving King, Queen, and the East Coast 5ive wondering who they can trust.

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Order of 5ive Season Two: Episode Two: Spores

The East and West Coast Order teams slowly bond through training, while King, who is not happy with the Order being turned into another government run agency, reorganizes his office to match the layout of their previous underground layer. Meanwhile, Joker meets his replacement after being assigned to the field. The young woman, named Kelly Doyle, is as beautiful as she is intelligent, and Joker is instantly smitten, despite their age difference. However, he is whisked away from his instant crush to a healing session with Heart, after which tiny puffs of pink fuzz appear on potted yellow flowers in the healing room. Little does Heart, or anyone in the Order realize that their facility has been infected by spores and will soon be overrun. In a matter of hours, the spores threaten to infect everything and everyone, and eventually spread to the city. Discovering how to eradicate the spores proves as hard as figuring out who infiltrated their highly guarded building and planted them in the first place. A race to stop the spreading unfolds and the solution, if it works, comes from an unlikely sourcethe West Coast.

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Ready for Order!

All right, Order of 5ive: Season Two has launched and I'm very excited. It's been a year already and I want to see what new situations these kids will find themselves in... Ah, I guess I cannot lie, since I already know (I have a co-plotting credit after all). Been reading the Order of 5ive TV books weeks ahead of the release date and all I can say is "WOW," this is some good action adventure reading. Kids, if you're bored this summer, even if you're not, turn off the video games and pick up your Kindle. Read some Order of 5ive for loads of fun and adventure. This series reminds me of X-Men, X-Files and Heroes all wrapped up into one neat package. There are five...wait a minute, I mean, TEN super teens, now that the West Coast Order has come under King's wing as well. 

You won't want to miss this action-packed season. Episode 1 is available now.


Order of 5ive Season Two: Episode One: Reorder

Season two of Order kicks off in a whole new territory. The 5ive are now in the eyes of the public, above ground in an entirely new headquarters on the top levels of the Freedom Tower. Hailed by the city of New York as saviors after eliminating threat after supernatural threat, Ace, Diamond, Jack, Joker and Heart are somehow able to handle the overwhelming change. But when King announces that five new team members from the West Coast are being forced into the club, it doesn't sit well with the original 5ive. Diamond, in her usual fashion, decides to break the new members in, Diamond style. All seems to unfold well as the teams discover one another's unique powers and they explore their new headquarters together.

This episode prepares you for things to come in the eciting second season of Order of 5ive. Get your copy here.


Can't Wait for the Hobbit? Check out Age of the Sigil

711 Press returns with a brand new TV Book Series, Age of the Sigil, a YA sci-fi fantasy adventure in the vein of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. Season One of this thirteen-book per season series follows four magical teens as they trek across the continent of Austrand using the power of the four ancient Sigils: the heart shaped necklace which allows the bearer to speak to animals, the knife which can cut through steel and stone, the bow which shoots arrows that are produced by mere thought, and the scroll which contains the knowledge of the first wizards.

Only the bearers of the Sigils can save their land from total destruction, but only if they can find the birthplace of each Sigil and unlock their true powers before time runs out. Confronted with evil and opposition at every turn, Reev Onid, Deloria Kildri, Estra Dane, and Pim the Knife face the most challenging journeys of their short-lived lives. Will Austrand be saved in time or will the evil tyrant, Lord Draeden Sifferus continue to reign in terror while the beast deep within the Urthe known only as the Void, secretly plans its escape to bring total destruction to Austrand? Find out in Age of the Sigil.

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Looking for more YA sci-fi teen adventures? Check out Order of Five. When the government can't get the job done, they send in the Order. Five teens with supernatural abilities track down supernatural beasts and villains to protect the United States from various potential perils. If you like X-Files, X-Men, and The Avengers,  this TV book series is right up your alley!

Learn more about Order of Five here.

Looking for a more adult-themed TV book series? Love movies like The Godfather, and TV dramas like The Sopranos? Welcome to Mafiosi, the TV book series which follows young Vincenzo Abruzzi, an eager street-runner who is recruited into a New York mob family by a made man looking for local Italian youths to do grunt work. Vinny's appetite to climb the crime-family ladder takes him up the rung into a world of money, murder, and deception. Live the life of a mafia soldier through this edge-of-your-seat page turner.

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