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Order of 5ive Bonus Episode now free on Kindle/Nook

In celebration of the successful first season of our first released TV book series, "Order of 5ive", we've released a bonus episode that can be downloaded for FREE while available. Get your Kindle copy HERE or learn about the whole series, and find links to Kindle, Nook, and Google versions on the Order of 5ive Page at 711press.com.


Order of 5ive Season Finale Wrap-up

WOW, I cannot believe we are reaching the end of Season One of "Order of 5ive"- the first TV book series from 711Press. The 13-book series has finally reached episode #12 which launches the 2-part season finale entitled, "Shutdown Part I". For those of you who have been following this amazing book series which follows the lives of five extraordinary teens with special abilities/powers who work for the government solving special cases in an X-Files/X-men fashion, you'll be greatly surprised by the turn of events. The season definitely ends with a blast! If you haven't heard of "Order of 5ive" you are missing out on the hottest summer read series for YA in the history of mankind. Each book can be read in less than an hour and continues the adventure onto the next episode. I'd also like to mention that 711 Press will soon be releasing "Order of 5ive:Origins", which is a free Kindle/Nook book that lets the fans know exactly how this governmental program of teens with amazing strength, speed and psychic powers began. Learn more about the first TV series from 711 Press at http://711press.com/order-of-5ive/


Order of 5IVE continues with Episode II live on Kindle and Nook

We are well on our way to a new era in book releases, as our first "TV in book form" program, Order of 5IVE moves into the second week of its release. The second episode of Order of 5IVE is now live on Kindle and Nook. The second part of the pilot unfolds as we learn more about each teen in the Order, discovering each teen's personalities and powers. This 'bookisode' (book+episode) picks up where bookisode I left off and we get to see the Order in action as the teens make their way through New York, investigating a series of fires and explosions. The leader of the Order, King, expects it could be the work of his arch nemesis. Is he right? I won't spoil it for you, but let me say that you won't be let down. This episode gets even deeper into the story that is Order of 5IVE. But don't take my word for it, check it out HERE to learn more and start collecting your own copies today!

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