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Order of 5ive: Season Two: Episode Thirteen: Rogue Part III

Part three of Rogue ends season two of Order of 5ive. This is not your typical, explosive in-your-face saeson ending. It's a psychological cliff-hanger that will leave you yearning for season three! Now that Senator Adridge has been elected president, things are definitely going to change concerning the Order. With eradication ordered for King, Queen, Ace, Joker, Jack, Diamond, and Heart, the seven flee New York and begin to prepare for the future. Bringing down Aldridge and his shadow government won't be easy...in fact, it may take the help of other Order divisions spread throughout the world to help end the tyranny in the US. That's if the international Order hasn't been comprimised as well. Episode thirteen is guaranteed to leave the most seasoned conspiracy theorist wondering just how deep evil runs in democracy.

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Order of 5ive: Season Two: Episode Ten: Bright Eyes

When Senator Aldridge forces King to aid the New York City police in solving a crime that involves a criminal who has the ability to put his victims into a coma, King knows there's a hidden agenda. But, what the 5ive uncover from the alleged criminal proves far worse than what King initially expected. Now, they must decide whether to save the "criminal" from an inevitable death at the hands of the Senator, or turn their backs on the truth.

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Order of 5ive Season Two: Episode One: Reorder

Season two of Order kicks off in a whole new territory. The 5ive are now in the eyes of the public, above ground in an entirely new headquarters on the top levels of the Freedom Tower. Hailed by the city of New York as saviors after eliminating threat after supernatural threat, Ace, Diamond, Jack, Joker and Heart are somehow able to handle the overwhelming change. But when King announces that five new team members from the West Coast are being forced into the club, it doesn't sit well with the original 5ive. Diamond, in her usual fashion, decides to break the new members in, Diamond style. All seems to unfold well as the teams discover one another's unique powers and they explore their new headquarters together.

This episode prepares you for things to come in the eciting second season of Order of 5ive. Get your copy here.


Order of 5ive Bonus Episode now free on Kindle/Nook

In celebration of the successful first season of our first released TV book series, "Order of 5ive", we've released a bonus episode that can be downloaded for FREE while available. Get your Kindle copy HERE or learn about the whole series, and find links to Kindle, Nook, and Google versions on the Order of 5ive Page at 711press.com.