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Finished My Fourth Movie Book: D.N.A.

Wow, it has been a rollercoaster ride since I signed with 711 Press. But I'm not complaining. Daniel Middleton and Jaime Vendera have been wonderful and it's been great having Jaime oversee my 711 projects. I honestly have never been pushed this hard to write, but thanks to Jaime and my wonderful editor Rich, I've been able to complete all three books in the Werecat Saga and my one-off D.N.A. in less than a year. For those of you who are new writers, I can honestly say that it definitely helps when you have a team that has input on your plotting and who can guide you every step of the way.

I've definitely become a much better storyteller thanks to Jaime. And having Rich on the team, all my stories are streamlined and polished. Speaking of editing, Nocturnal was cut by 8,000 words when it was edited, partly due to the 711 movie timeline requirements and also because I tend to ramble in my writings :) But I fixed it this time. Even after three final passes, I only wrote 300 extra words over the minimum requirements. Not that it's what I intended to do, but that's what this story called for. So, good luck editing, Rich, because you can only cut 300 words this time ;)


Rerun Mondays: Order & Sigil

And so the first official Rerun Mondays has launched. To get your free kindle copies of the Order of 5ive, episodes ZERO and ONE, click the cover images below:


To receive your free copy of Age of the Sigil episode ONE, click the cover image below: 


YA TV Book Order of 5ive is Top Rated

711 Press's new YA TV Book series, Order of 5ive, lands at #28 on Amazon's Top Rated list for Children's Action and Adventure Literature (click here). Thanks to all our loyal fans for the kind support!


Order of 5IVE continues with Episode II live on Kindle and Nook

We are well on our way to a new era in book releases, as our first "TV in book form" program, Order of 5IVE moves into the second week of its release. The second episode of Order of 5IVE is now live on Kindle and Nook. The second part of the pilot unfolds as we learn more about each teen in the Order, discovering each teen's personalities and powers. This 'bookisode' (book+episode) picks up where bookisode I left off and we get to see the Order in action as the teens make their way through New York, investigating a series of fires and explosions. The leader of the Order, King, expects it could be the work of his arch nemesis. Is he right? I won't spoil it for you, but let me say that you won't be let down. This episode gets even deeper into the story that is Order of 5IVE. But don't take my word for it, check it out HERE to learn more and start collecting your own copies today!