Jaime Vendera

Publisher / Producer

Jaime Vendera has studied voice for more than twenty years. He has authored several books, training CDs, vocal health products and a software program for singers. One of his books, The 11 Simple Steps, to which this publishing company lends its name, can be viewed by clicking the cover below. Jaime perfected the art of shattering glass with his voice, which led to appearances on ABC’s Good Morning America and Discovery Channel’s MythBusters, where he set a world record, confirming that a singer can shatter a glass with the un-amplified voice, leading to a multitude of television shows worldwide. Besides being a workaholic, Jaime loves spending time with his family (his wife, Diane, their son Ryan, their two Chihuahuas Taco and Belle, and their Dachshunds Axl and Miley). They currently reside in Ohio.

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Rich Dalglish

Copy Editor

Freelance editor Richard Dalglish is the former managing editor of Jewelers’ Circular Keystone, a business magazine that covers the U.S. fine-jewelry industry. Since turning freelance, he’s edited a wide range of writing, from novels and short stories to academic papers and dissertations to a business plan for a company in Fiji.

Rich reads widely, especially history, biography, and the issues of the day. He’s the only person he knows who’s read the Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant. Fiction favorites include mysteries and detective stories, including those of P.D. James, whose fictional Scotland Yard detective, Commander Adam Dalgliesh, is Rich’s second cousin.

Rich, who was at Woodstock and once ran a marathon, lives with his wife, Julie, and their cat, Zoe, in Yardley, Pennsylvania, a few miles from where General George Washington crossed the Delaware River in 1776 with a small army—which Rich claims is the only sensible way to travel to New Jersey.

711 Press is the brainchild of Daniel Middleton and Jaime Vendera, two talented men who have been involved in the publishing industry for a combined total of nearly twenty years. 711 was born out of a desire to develop a new breed of short novels. The 711 vision is to revolutionize the publishing industry by releasing dynamic and engaging novellas (80-120 pages in length) that recall epic movies, high fantasy films, and other cinematic gems made popular throughout the years. The company's titles will cover a wide variety of genres.

Their slogan "Movies & TV in Book Form" explains exactly how each 711 book should be read; put on some popcorn, pour a nice tall glass of soda, kick back in your favorite recliner and read a 711 book in the same amount of time it takes to watch a movie or TV show. 711 equates each book page as one minute of film. Want to watch a two-hour movie? Read a 108-page 711 book instead, and you'll be able to live vicariously through the unique characters and thrilling adventures our authors create.

711 Press believes that we need to get back to the fundamental practice of reading and using the imagination. 

Our aim is to make this a reality!

711 Press has no Submissions Guidelines. We do not accept unsolicited manuscripts. The authors we publish are specially selected, and book submissions are on an invitation-only basis. Inquiries regarding publication of your manuscript will be ignored. We take our publishing model seriously, and our books must meet certain established criteria that sets 711 Press apart from other publishers.