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Age of the Sigil: The Complete Second Season

In season two, the four bearers march to the Southelands and eventually cross the ocean to the Southeland Annex to discover the birthplace of Pim the Knife’s Sigil. But peril is at every turn when a new enemy appears who may be far more threatening than Lord Draedan Sifferus. To make matters worse, upon ingesting a cursed sphere that absorbs all magical powers, Pim’s Sigil begins to fail, and his body slowly starts to die as a result. In a desperate attempt to find the birthplace of Pim’s Sigil, and spare him from death, the bearers bravely face their enemies and attempt to prevent the Southeland Annex from being crushed by a magical spell that has engulfed the islands and is slowing shrinking inward, devouring all life in its path.


711 Press
Released: February 2013 
ISBN:  978-1-936307-31-9 
eBook List Price: $2.99
Print List Price: $7.99
Avg Read Time: 297 Mins. 
Rated PG
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YA Fantasy & Adventure


Created by Daniel Middleton, Jaime Vendera, and Ronald Coleborn
Produced by Jaime Vendera
Written by Melvyn Riley
Edited by Rich Dalglish