By Roger Vallon


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Kill Factor: Serpent Head

Doc and Augustus set up shop in Beijing and hatch new plans to strike at the heart of Redrum Industries. Meanwhile, Hadrian heads to Geneva in the hopes that answers to underlying questions will be found there, as well as a secret Redrum spy farm, but as usual, trouble follows. And Magenta is dispatched to Monaco on a short mission prior to waking a sleeper agent that will prove valuable to the new Kill Factor organization.


711 Press
Released: April 2012 
ISBN:  978-1-935702-08-5 
eBook List Price: $0.99
Print List Price: $4.99
Avg Read Time: 91 Mins. 
Rated R
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Spy Action & Adventure

Produced by Daniel Middleton
Story by Daniel Middleton and Roger Vallon
Written by Roger Vallon
Edited by Rich Dalglish