By Ronald Coleborn


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Coming October 26, 2012

King's Vengeance

With the fall of the Glyssian Realm a new king rises; one who is bent on vanquishing all of his remaining enemies. Queen Klienne, having survived the siege of Storms Reach Castle, flees to the northern Isle of Payzik to seek sanctuary and naval aid, while the last of the knights who formed the king's Outer Guard set off in different directions after arriving at an impasse. Meanwhile, the surviving princess, Redora Vame, aided by her grand tutor, Sapient Breen, are pursued by a band of militia, who corner them in Eastern Plain.


711 Press
Released: October 2012 
ISBN: 978-1-935702-14-6 
eBook List Price: $0.99
Print List Price: $4.99
Avg Read Time: 93 Mins. 
Rated R
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Read by: Chris MacDonnell 
Released: February 2014 
List Price: $6.95
Run Time: 2 hrs. 31 Mins. 
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Epic Fantasy

Produced by Daniel Middleton
Story by Daniel Middleton and Ronald Coleborn
Written by Ronald Coleborn
Edited by Rich Dalglish