By Ronald Coleborn


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Coming October 26, 2012

Knight's Valor

In an ancient divided realm, where a king lay dying, and ruthless militiamen and mercenaries form an alliance as they march toward the realm's seat of power, a small band of warriors must defend the throne against an enemy that seeks to sweep terror across the lands; an enemy who wields an ancient and powerful dark sorcery. Amidst an inevitable war and the impending collapse of a kingdom, a young boy emerges, and he cannot speak, hear, nor see, but he possesses a rare gift that may shift the balance of power.


711 Press
Released: August 2012 
ISBN: 978-1-935702-11-5 
eBook List Price: $0.99
Print List Price: $4.99
Avg Read Time: 90 Mins. 
Rated R
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Read by: Chris MacDonnell 
Released: January 2014 
List Price: $6.95
Run Time: 2 hrs. 25 Mins. 
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Epic Fantasy

Produced by Daniel Middleton
Story by Daniel Middleton and Ronald Coleborn
Written by Ronald Coleborn
Edited by Rich Dalglish