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In this exciting season opener, Vincenzo Abruzzi and Paul DeFicco are sent packing to Hollywood following their unprecedented success in New York, which the Paranzano bosses want to replicate out West. When the boys get there, they find a veritable virgin town waiting to be popped, and the two waste no time sinking their teeth in. But certain scattered crews from Cleveland have been operating in the vinicity, which forces Vincenzo to make a calculated move. Meanwhile, Loraine, who heads out West to join her man, hits Vin with a new proposition; one he is truly not ready for. Also, Chris Bianchi, Canico, and Tommy "Fishgut" are sent to Los Angeles by Carlo to aid Vin in his plans.

711 Press
Released: 10/1/12 
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Rated R
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Crime Drama

Created by Daniel Middleton and Viggo Rapetti
Produced by Daniel Middleton
Written by Viggo Rapetti
Edited by Rich Dalglish