By James LaFleur & Gordon Massie


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Order of 5ive: The Complete First Season

Five orphans with special powers find family and unity together after being recruited by a secret government operative whose sole purpose is to track down monsters and others with special abilities to protect the US from attack. Kayshawn Kimble, the teen who controls electricity, Jack Ahote, the boy with super speed, Brandon Kiehm, the clairaudient, Vicki Stone, the girl with super strength, and Grace Zhang, the girl with healing abilities form the Order of 5ive, an elite government unit led by Eleazor Benton, the hardcore, ex-black ops soldier with a dark past. While attempting to maintain “normal” lives, the teens find themselves dealing with typical teenage issues revolving around school and young love while they embark on an endless quest to crack paranormal cold cases, deal with terrorists, and discover the truth behind the real purpose of the Order. This wild YA ride is like X-Files meets X-Men, only on a whole new level! Get ready for the Order!

This Season One collection includes the bonus stories Origins and the never before released Vacation.


711 Press
Released: June 2012 
ISBN:  978-1-935702-09-2 
eBook List Price: $3.99
Print List Price: $8.99
Avg Read Time: 360 Mins. 
Rated PG
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Action & Adventure

Created by Jaime Vendera and Daniel Middleton
Produced by Jaime Vendera and Daniel Middleton
Written by James LaFleur & Gordon Massie
Edited by Rich Dalglish