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James LaFleur & Gordon Massie

JAMES LaFLEUR and GORDON MASSIE spent the summers of their youth together: hunting, fishing, playing video games, and enjoying a world of imagination through books, movies, and late night storytelling. Growing up on different continents—LaFleur in the US and Massie in Wales—their parents felt it best that their children got the same chance to spend their time together as they had years before.

As time passed, and the teenage years ensued, those summer trips became less and less frequent, and both boys discovered local activities, including girls, music and, in LaFleur’s case, martial arts. However, they stayed in touch and, with the dawn of the Internet, grew close once again.

Both men had an avid love for a wide variety of novels, from action to fantasy, sci-fi, and horror. But their true love was movies. Mutual favorites included Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold, Romancing the Stone, and of coursethe Indiana Jones trilogyHaving developed their storytelling abilities as children, during which time they created in-depth action stories, as teens they both delved into writing but soon discovered that the magic just wasn’t there without having each other to fuel the fire of imagination. In 2008, Massie had asked LaFleur what he’d think about rekindling their imaginative genius, and combine forces once again to create an adventure series based on the stories of their youth; a borderline YA series that adults would cherish just as much as teens.

One Skype call was all it took and The Crisis Artifact was born. A friend and mentor of Massie’s, publisher Jaime Vendera had the privilege of reading a few chapters of the first MovieBook in the series and was so taken aback by the story that he immediately called his publishing partner, Daniel Middleton. . . . LaFleur and Massie were signed that day.

So prepare yourself for the Crisis Trilogy. With the incredibly creative minds of the LaFleur/Massie team, many thrilling adventures are yet to come.

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