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Roger Vallon

Most of ROGER VALLON’s life has been spent in the medical field, serving the people as a chiropractor, acupuncturist, and Touch for Health specialist. So it came as a complete shock to everyone who knew him personally when he decided to turn his passion for writing into a reality. He specializes in spinning a web of stories that center around ruthless assassins bent on mass annihilation. So, after thirty years of running a successful practice, Roger decided to retire and take his writing skills to the next level.

He and his wife Elena, moved back to his home state of Nevada, making their love nest in the middle of the Nevada Desert, where the happy couple could spend their days excavating, climbing, and exploring the dunes, hills, and valleys, all of which offer Roger an escape into his creative world of espionage.

Roger's debut novel, Kill Factor, is the first in a series of spy/espionage thrillers that will fall somewhere in the vein of his favorite author Ian Flemming’s “007” books, though they'll be much higher octane. To fuel the writing flame and successfully people his Kill Factor world he draws on his love of authors Robert Ludlum and Ian Flemming, as well as movies such as the Bourne Trilogy and The Professional. Moreover, he holds a degree in criminal psychology, which was his original pursuit. The Nevada Desert man plans to release Kill Factor titles (in his words) "for the rest of my life."

Let's hope he lives long and prospers!

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