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Ronald Coleborn

RONALD COLEBORN often teases that he is an ancient soul who has walked the earth since the Middle Ages. He can easily envision himself at the center of one of his high fantasy tales, riding the back of a dragon into the glare of the setting sun. Though his family line traces back to Yorkshire, Coleborn has resided in Newfoundland for close to fifty-five years, preferring the clean, cold, brisk Canadian air to everything else he's tasted.

An avid Sci-Fi and Fantasy buff, Coleborn admires the greats of both the literary world and film, such as Tolkein, Kubrick, Arthur C. Clarke, and T. H. White, author of The Once And Future King. After a close friend and mentor prodded Ronald to follow his dream of crafting his own epic adventure, Coleborn acquiesced and The Legends of the Dread Realm was born.

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