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Joe Humphrey

JOE HUMPHREY is a corrections officer who spends much of his free time writing detective stories and collecting antiques. His influences are Hammett, Chandler, and (Ross) MacDonald, though not necessarily in that order.

Born and raised in Central America, Humphrey's stories are full of interesting and diverse characters that run the gamut from rich socialites to depraved, well-worn individuals who traipse the broken sidewalks and broad, peopled avenues of his stories. A Dirty Business is his first published novel, which features a young novice private detective who will figure in many of his upcoming books. 

711 Press was thrilled to sign Joe to an exclusive contract, and now he calls our publishing house his home. Exciting new projects are in store from this dynamic author. So stay tuned.

Mr. Humphrey, a decidedly private individual, resides in New York with his wife. He has two sons. He can be reached at