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Viggo Rapetti

VIGGO RAPETTI was born in Florence, Italy and later moved to Sicily after his parents divorced. He discovered the love of books at an early age, and among the first novels he read was Mario Puzo's The Godfather. Rapetti so loved the absorbing and glamorous world of mob life the book depicted that he soon immersed himself in gangster films of the day. He even watched classics like The Public Enemy and Little Caesar, which starred James Cagney and Edward G. Robinson, respectively, among other notable films from times past.

Soon Rapetti put his pen to paper and began crafting his own mob epics. Those early stories were rough, their plots scattered, but the promise of the writer to come was there. Rapetti's desire to improve his writing led him to several writing workshops that offered him a bit of good advice but mostly left him wanting for solid literary knowledge. He later learned that that knowledge could only come from actual writing experience, and so he continued to write. What resulted were authentic stories that carried a unique voice that was all his own.

With that in mind, 711 Press assigned Viggo Rapetti to a TV Book series that would allow his voice to flourish. The mob saga titled Mafiosi has since thrilled fans of the genre and garnered Rapetti a little praise and lots of satisfaction. Hopefully he will continue to channel those early experiences and offer us more mafia greatness for years to come.