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Melvyn Riley

Retired school teacher, MELVYN RILEY, an Irishman by birty, now resides with his wife in England. A lover of fantasy sagas such as Lord of the Rings and Sword of Shannara, he often assigns these novels to his students, thus opening up new minds to the colorful and adventurous worlds he so often enjoyed.

Having suppressed a growing desire to write his own fantasy series, Melvyn finally gave in to the urge and decided to try his hand at a YA tale of his own in an attempt to stoke imaginations of his young audience. Thus, two epic series were born: The Age of the Sigil, a TV book adventure and the forthcoming SpitFire movie book series. Both series take the young reader to magical lands involving wizards, swords, dragons, sorcecry, and more. Though retired, he hopes to see his books brought into classes across Europe, America, and other continents so that his dream of instilling the love of reading and writing to children everywhere can be further realized.