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Phoenix Earth: The Complete Second Season

Lorien Saraya and the thousands of Maluans and humans he has led for a year have struggled on Phoenix Earth and the moon, but new plans may help them to seed the dead planet faster than they anticipated. However, with the addition of a half million Malakarans, who were forced to leave Malakar following an attack on their planet by an ancient race known as the Planet Eaters, Lorien has no choice but to implement a new protocol, which is to seed Mars.

What unfolds in Phoenix Earth Season Two is a racially driven political space drama that follows the lives of several alien races, including the Ascendants and Phayronians, as the beings bond together to create a safe haven in Earth's solar system for all alien races in search of a new home.


711 Press
Released: June 2013 
ISBN:  978-1-936307-25-8 
eBook List Price: $2.99
Print List Price: $7.99
Avg Read Time: 241 Mins. 
Rated PG-13
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Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Created by Jaime Vendera, Ronald Coleborn, and Melvyn Riley
roduced by Jaime Vendera
Co-plotted by Melvyn Riley
Written & Edited by Rich Dalglish