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Brine Roberts has been sheltered most of her life. Following a tragic boating accident that took the life of her mother when she was three, Brine was shipped halfway across the United States from her home in Atlantic Bay on the East Coast to be homeschooled and raised by her father’s best friends. Brine is forced to relive the terror of losing a parent when her father dies via a similar tragedy. Against her dead father's wishes, Brine returns to Atlantic Bay and releases her grandparents from a retirement home, and begins to live out the last few years of her teenage life in high school while readjusting to life among her wild peers.

Unknown to her, returning to Atlantic Bay may be the worst mistake of her life. When she begins to change in strange ways and loses her lifelong fear of the ocean, dark secrets are uncovered that reveal that Brine is much more than human—she's a siren. Even worse, other sirens, led by a creature of intense evil, are seeking her. That creature is the leviathan, a beast that will stop at nothing until Brine Roberts belongs to him.

Adding to the stress of teenage life as an aquatic being, Brine deals with first love, and a new rival, a jealous drama queen, only hoping her true primal instincts can be controlled before she kills them both. Siren—book one of a trilogy—is Vampire Diaries set in the ocean. It’s sink, swim, or die in these dangerous waters.


711 Press
Released: August 2014 
ISBN: 978-1-935702-42-9 
eBook List Price: $0.99
Avg Read Time: 92 Mins. 
Rated PG-13
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YA Sci-Fi

Produced by Jaime Vendera
Story by Jaime Vendera and Jami Lynn Saunders
Written by Jami Lynn Saunders
Edited by Rich Dalglish