By James LaFleur & Gordon Massie


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The Catastrophe Scroll

As Annie Guevara becomes the embodiment of the sacred Scroll, the forces of nature are bent to her will, and she unleashes the Final Cataclysm upon the world, wherein all life must be destroyed. Caesar, Galton, Fiero, and Lady Adelaide regroup in San Pedro, Belize, and a plan is hatched to attempt to stop Annie’s devastating judgment, but when death claims one of the remaining four, things go in an unforeseen direction, plunging the group headlong into danger as cities and nations collapse around them. Caesar, meanwhile, faces his final challenge, after which he is presented with a choice that will decide both the fate of mankind and his ultimate destiny. 


711 Press
Released: September 2011 
ISBN: 978-1-936307-04-3  
eBook List Price: $0.99
Print List Price: $4.99
Avg Read Time: 100 Mins.  
Rated PG-13
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Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Produced by Jaime Vendera and Daniel Middleton
Story by Daniel Middleton, James LaFleur & Gordon Massie
Written by James LaFleur & Gordon Massie
Edited by Rich Dalglish