By James LaFleur & Gordon Massie


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The Chaos Pendulum

Caesar, Galton, and Fiero set sail aboard the inter-island freighter the Lucky Lady, and their search for the Sacred Scroll leads them to the Bermuda Triangle, the gateway to a captivating underwater paradise filled with beautiful women. Caesar then engages in the elemental trials, jet-setting from exotic Aqualasia to the desert sands of Egypt, and to one of Hawaii’s highest volcanic peaks. He faces sandstorms, devastating lava flows, extraordinary winds and storms, and his powers are put to the ultimate test. As the fate of the world still hangs in the balance, the heroic trio band together to stop the destruction before the powers of the Scroll are unleashed. 


711 Press
Released: June 2011 
ISBN: 978-1-936307-13-5 
eBook List Price: $0.99
Print List Price: $4.99
Avg Read Time: 114 Mins. 
Rated PG-13
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Sci-Fi & Fantasy

And continue where Chaos left off with:


Produced by Jaime Vendera
Story by Jaime Vendera, James LaFleur & Gordon Massie
Written by James LaFleur & Gordon Massie
Edited by Rich Dalglish